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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 May, 2016.

    Reefin' Pods LIVE COPEPODS Pods for dragonettes and mandarins*

    Price:  $13.95

    Quantity:  50

    Keep your saltwater aquarium's coral, mandarins and dragonettes healthy and thriving with myreeftoyours Reefin' Pods (Live Copepods)! Live Copepods are a healthy and natural food source for your marine aquarium. Remember Copepods are tiny, if you are looking for large pods you are looking for Amphipods which we don't offer. Our Pods are a mix of Tisbe, Tigriopus, as well as live Rotifers and some live brine shrimp, and are all aquacultured in our systems (they are not wild caught). It is a smorgasbord for you reef and our Mandarins and dwarf seahorses just love them. We ship Pods Mondays via USPS Priority Mail.

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